Client 101: Pricing, Rates and Budget

My standard Joke has always been….Hey Mister, You are lucky I don’t charge by the pound!

So let’s take a minute to discuss prices in escorting. The controversies and the truths.

I am a big bbw. Some people find it offensive that I charge 350/hour.

Who do you think you are!? Yada Yada Yada.

Oh, If I only had a dollar….my school loans would be non-existant and my new car would be paid off.

Well, I am IsabellaBBW. Well-Reviewed, Educated, Sensual, and Fun SSBBW. I love what I do. For the gentleman that enjoys the female I am, I am a well deserved treat.

For every client I see for one hour: 350/hour

  • I screen/ spend 20-30minutes speaking to them on the phone
  • I spend a minimum of 1 hour getting ready/grooming (lingerie, clothing, make up, lotions, oils, other goodies)
  • Drive 1 hour to appointment. incall or outcall (extra or minimum for longer drives)
  • The actual appointment
  • Drive 30 min-1 hour home.
  • And all the associated risks.
  • None of the risks for you: I have an online reputation for looking like my photos, well-reviewed,non-rip off

This means 1 hour appt equals typically is 4+ hours of my time.

Well that is still too much.

There are plenty of other girls in the market. Find one.

I have created a tier system of body rubs, bdsm, and escorting for hour or multi-hour. I only have promotions for pre-booking. My priority is keeping my clients happy..not offering a deal.

In my experience, when someone is choosing a provider primarily based on her rates, those people aren’t really choosing her. They are choosing her price. I prefer clients who choose to spend time with all that I offer.

Fat Girls Should Cost Less

Years ago my rate was different…as you know inflation exists. In escorting, you have to know what level of service you offer to meet your clients desires. Some clients desire 15 min appointments. That isn’t the type of experience I offer.

I am aware of most BBW providers in my area as well as those in United States and internationally. Different price points and experiences. Some are reputable, some are not. Just research.








KINK: So you want to be a BBW Dominatrix. Or see one.

When I was a teenager, I use to collect erotica. Still do. This was before the Internet gave teenage girls equal access to porn. My dad was a Penthouse man and I use to sneak into his magazines to read the Forum section and look at the glam girls. Later, I would track down steamy erotic at alternative bookstores like Tower Records (when they still existed). Water tub masturbation and all that fun jazz. My friends and I at 15, even got some local liquor store to sell me some of the Penthouse forum only stories…

Then I heard of  The story of O. Couldn’t find a copy until I was on a teenager trip into LA…found a copy in a decadent perverted, kink filled Hollywood bookstore. It was my first entry into BDSM. I didn’t really connect with the story overall but it was still solid entry into the world of kink that would be soon followed by Victorian erotica like The Pearl. At 17, I was reading the Beauty Trilogy while on vacation in Mexico City..then Exit to Eden. If my family had known!…At 19, The Hollywood clubs I went to had spanking rooms in the back….Never entered but I was curious. I like they existed.

As a BBW in my 20’s, I was often approached by submissive men. Again I avoided. I was just turned off by having someone only see my size as dominant. The focus on my fat/size made me feel less feminine. I didn’t understand it. As many young women envision, I wanted to desired. Back then, desire was defined by me as being taken or submissive. All that 50 shades of gray bullshit. Now the images of virgins bore me (unless its a strap-on virgin or cocksucker virgin). Who doesn’t like being taken in some way or another be it a kiss or more….

So how did I become a BBW dominatrix?

BDSM & Kink is a the about energy of power exchange. When I became an escort, I again had many submissive men contacting me. The same ones I would have never dated in my early 20’s. I was older and my size wasmore sensual to me. I was a Goddess, a Mistress, Someone with Curves and Strength to be obeyed. My energy in turn became dominant with those men. I still identify as a switch in my personal life but I like variety. (Escort clients reading this, don’t take this an invitation to tie me up. Not happening.)

As I look back, This wasn’t a situation of me being Dominant for Pay. My bdsm side had already existed but it had been in conflict. It was able to emerge in a positive form from having submissive playmates. I had always knew I was kinky, open-minded and such. Exit to Eden had discussed how the best dominas are often those who have been submissiveor trained. My clients gave me a bdsm playspace where I could enjoy being dominant but not have to be 24/7 lifestyle. I still look fondly back at my first time giving a Golden Shower to a sub or leaving someone panting under me in servitude. During this time I also learned a lot about bdsm energy from my phone sex business when I wasn’t doing in person sessions.

In 2015, I got my first taste of dungeon space when a very bdsm seasoned client was visiting the LA..I had seen him in Vegas but a hotel room just wasn’t going to cut it. Having a dungeon space to tease, flog,spank, facesit, crossdress…made me feel above all else: Professional. I loved it. It was like having a bdsm candy store available. It became a flogging workshop. Since then, unless I am touring, I exclusively use dungeons for my bdsm sessions. Strict or Sensual.

I have taken and continue to take bdsm workshops from established LA mistresses. I didn’t apprentice formally. BBW is a niche and many dungeons are not welcoming. Yet, I refuse to be the “escort with a whip” who dresses the part but has no understanding of BDSM other than its a way to make money.

To many there is in bdsm a hierarchy where an escort can’t also be a dominatrix …I am an atypical hybrid because my bdsm experience  grew out of my escorting. My bdsm sessions are not escorting ones. I do not bring BDSM into my escorting sessions unless a client inquires. The energy for each type of session I offer is very particular/separate unless someone requests a KGFE session…which is not the norm or for a new bdsm client.

Large and In Charge,

Isabella Crush, Mistress



Client 101: The Best Ride, Screening or Bust

So earlier this week, a Niteflirt client was sharing that he found out from a Google search of his own name that his brother was recently busted in a recent Craigslist sting in the Pacific Northwest. It was unfortunate on all levels. He even mentioned his brother was a good looking guy that got women so he was surprised…but he still lost his job and now has legal issues.

I know, something you don’t want to hear. The good news? Its 99.9% avoidable.

Everyone has their reason for reaching out for company. It’s not the why you do it that is important, its the how to do it and how you protect yourself that is most important. Whether you see me, or someone else, there are things you should think about.

Mistake #1: I want to be Anonymous. If I don’t answer any questions I am safer. I don’t want someone in my business.

Ok, you’ve decided to see someone. Their online ad looks so good. Price is right. It’s a spontaneous call for same day. They are available and tell you to come on over. They don’t ask you any personal questions.

Robs, Bait and Switch & Law Enforcement doesn’t ask questions. They want to make it easy for you to show up. Its easier to get what they want. Once they bust you for arriving (especially if  you discussed rates, sex acts or the advertisement is lewd), you will be giving your information then during your own booking. That is actually a better scenario that you being robbed.

Did you know that sometimes cops will bust someone at a hotel/apartment, take their phone and a have an officer answer and make appointments for clients to show up? Its bait. So someone NOT asking you any screening is a huge risk…If they don’t care who they see, how can you know you are walking into a safe situation? The easier it is for you to see someone, the riskier it is (unless you know her already).

50% of the clients I don’t see is because they are sexually explicit, 50% because they don’t want to screen. I lose a lot of money but safety is first.

A reputable escort, local or visiting, should have an established online presence, screening process. This mean they often actually loses clientele to maintain a level of their own safety, and thus yours. Most are professional and take their reputation seriously. They offer you discretion but they can’t see you anonymous. There is a reason they often make as much an hour as lawyers…. They know how to keep a secret. They have invested money in their own domain website, twitter, instagram, snapchat, and can be found on most multiple advertising sites, some that are paid. Many of us have even signed NDA for high profile clients.

If you can’t find any info on a person, they are likely someone who should pass on seeing for a multitude of reasons. This goes for clients and escorts.

Mistake #2: I don’t want to plan..I don’t have time to research…I just had the urge.

C’mon, we both know you spend hours looking for that perfect porn clip….Reading 10 minutes of website reading makes you less likely to be a robbed or bait n’ switched.

You get what you pay for…You may stumble upon an exception but is it worth the risk. That visiting the area low rate escort may be trafficked or underage,opening you up to even more legal troubles.

Mistake #3: I want to know what I am getting. I want a sure thing.

In life there are no guarantees. Chemistry is a priceless thing but you can make an educated guess from photos, reviews, websites, emails and even speaking with. Any escort who promises you the world is suspect. One the other hand, the surest way to not see a reputable escort is to ask for sexual services because its ILLEGAL. Anyone who is offering such should be suspect. SEE at your OWN RISK.

I’m not trying to scare you off….but I wouldn’t recommend you buy a car from a dealer that is out to scam you or rip you off or sell you a dangerous product…I want you to get the best ride available.

Sexy but Safe,





Look at her BUTT! Isabella’s Favorite Fat Girl BBW Songs

I once was once at a wedding, 4 people on the dance floor with me, and the dj just happened to put on “Baby Got Back” while older people blushed…I like to think of that was his way of flirting and being complimentary.

Some of my fave fat girl bbw songs are below…

1. Where the Big Girls At -Lil Bow Wow

2. Whole Lotta Love -Led Zeppelin

3. Unskinny Bop – Poison (ok, so the band has never said this song is about fat girls…but i have my suspicion from an interview of a roadie who talked about a band member liking fat girls. Plus, really what is “unskinny”? FAT)



Client 101: Booking is like Anal Sex (part 1)

New to seeing an escort, mistress, or getting a rubdown? Thinking about seeing me? Anxious? Confused? Excited? The purpose of this blog is notto lecture, but to advise newbies on how to book more easily to get a happy experience.

Suggested Reading Link: The Client’s Handbook is a new kindle book for gents by a retired escort. The kindle book app can be placed on any smart phone/tablet and easily deleted for discretion!

Booking/Seeing an escort is very much like ANAL sex: many are curious, they’ve seen it online or representations of it of it on TV. They have heard it can be amazing but they don’t necessary know how to go about it in the right way…the steps, trust and prep…AND if you do it the wrong way it can messy, painful, and a bad experience for both parties.

I know you’re hot and heavy, in the moment, you don’t want to think about BOOKING but once you get the steps down, the attitude needed…it will be easy and pleasurable for you to connect the way you want.

Booking an escort, like having ANAL SEX, requires both preparation and FINESSE. 

#1 complaint of clients: She didn’t look like her photos, she baited and switched me, she ripped me off, she was flakey/wasted my time.

Solution: RESEARCH. Never have I had a client say, I was ripped by an escort who had an well established online presence ( ie website, twitter, instagram). Well established means you have found her on multiple review or advertising sites over an extended period of time. There is a reason people say “too good to be true” and if she has super vixen photos, asking you no questions, having only a phone number and offering to spend time with you for $80, well you got what you asked for

You take the time before purchasing a car, any random amazon tech device, why would you not check out an escort with whom you are investing your time/money?

Clients in VEGAS are notoriously ripped off because they refuse to preplan. They get into town and just search…not research…and they get burned. Myself and other reputable escorts don’t want that for you…and it gives us a bad reputation.

#2 client complaint: None of the escorts I wanted to see were available but I don’t want to prebook. I don’t know my schedule.

Solution: If you send a text saying R U AVAILABLE NOW? to an escort you have never seen before, the chances of them being available are slim (unless touring.. but even many are prebooked). My same day appointments are generally booked early in the day for evening, not 30 minutes before. Your escort is delicious but she is not a pizza. I have to screen, get beautiful for you, drive out often..

You are a grown up. You know your budget and your playtime schedule. I’m much more flexible with established clients but the reality is, you have a life and so do I. First time clients are generally pre-booked by most escorts.

Also, what beautiful educated girls do you know who are sitting available 24/7 for a phone call? The only ones I know with that type of open availability are deperate, pimped, or trafficked.

You are the client so you choose your experience…To get what you want, often requires a little planning.

(Part #2 coming soon)



Pillowtalk: Blogging in Bed with Bella & Insta-DAMN!…


Good Morning,

Congratulations! You survived Valentines Day! Just remember if you celebrated with someone who took your card, candy or cock…Steak and BJ day is March 14th. Mark it in her calendar…or you could mark mine.. 

It’s a rainy day in LA, and if you don’t know, pretty much the world stands still if its raining here. People stay in, dont know what to do and act as if its a blizzard.  

I’m here naked in my big plush sexy purple Queen bed, smoking a little legal vape, taking calls on Niteflirt link) and thinking about you…

Well…more specifically thinking about vistors to my site. There has been more traffic lately, so I have a couple tips:

1. Check out my new video (link) on how to navigate my site.

2. I know you have a smart phone…but are you following me on Instgram? Since I know you enjoy visual bbw eyecandy, I post more candid photos there that may not be here…it may be a smile or me trying on lingerie…its a fun way for me to connect with you. Insta-damn!!!…. 

3. This blog: I’m going to try to blog weekly or at least bi-monthly again.  

I’m also open to answering questions here for you to get to know me more. Feel free to email me directly, just put into the header ASKBELLA BLOG (link) 

Don’t be a Stranger and always rememeber to add (in bed) when reading a fortune cookie, 

 Isabella (in bed)




Summer Updates and New Photos…

I always plan to blog more but get busy…Always feel free to send me a message to connect more personally…If you call my number, leave a message.

First, you may wish to enjoy my new photos…I look especially tan, yummy and worthy of attention.


Home again in Los Angeles a my trip to Vegas…My trip prep started with a great evening with an Elvis impersonator and was soon full of sun, fun, past friends, new friends, champagne and some excellent dining…If you know me, you know I love a good swim, a good story and a good view. I got all  three this trip so I was pretty satisfied…

A couple “service” updates:

WEBCAM SHOWS: I have started offering them again. I use niteflirt, accept ecards and also take credit cards. Please email me at bellamartinla@gmail.com or skype me directly (isabellabbw). My minimum is 10 min/$40. Chat or text sessions to set up roleplay or scenario are available. 10 min/$25. If paying by ecard, ask me which ones I prefer (amazon, ulta, sephora). My pricing is the same for domination or non-domination.

SENSUAL RUBDOWNS: Sometimes you just want to relax, be pampered, focus on touch  or unwind. (not escorting or domination.). This is a great option if you are flying into LA or OC. Outcall may be booked same day, if I am available but I always suggest pre-booking. 200/50 min session 275/75 min session. Shower sessions available. My email for rubdowns is BBWTouch@gmail.com. I don’t usually accept texts, but feel free to text me that you emailed.

PHONE NUMBER: For your convenience, I do have a phone number listed again. Leave a message. If you use it, it is expected that you are ready to book/screen. Please do not call me outside of times listed (10am-8pm PST), ask me rates, or other info that is on my websites. Often because of some people are not following directions, I have had to limit my picking up. If you leave a message I will always get back to you. Please let me know what type of session interests you: escorting, domination, webcam or sensual rubdown, when, and the best way/time to contact you.

PHOTOS: new. fun. tan. yummy. Enjoy!

PREBOOKING: Always Suggested.

GIFTS/TRIBUTES/SPONSORSHIP: Always appreciated never expected. My current needs are as follows if you wish to contribute for something is particular let me know. I will always make extra time chat/photo/webcam/phone for a friend who wishes to enhance my life.

  1. Teeth: I have about $1000 worth of dental needed (crown + cleaning). This is a one time need. I did the first part of work earlier in the year.
  2. New car: My payment is $300/month. Inquire for pay off amount.
  3. Personal Trainer: $300/month. (I am not getting skinny…just healthier.)
  4. Photoshoot: $600 (toward bdsm shoot in September and next one in December)