Summer Updates and New Photos…

I always plan to blog more but get busy…Always feel free to send me a message to connect more personally…If you call my number, leave a message.

First, you may wish to enjoy my new photos…I look especially tan, yummy and worthy of attention.


Home again in Los Angeles a my trip to Vegas…My trip prep started with a great evening with an Elvis impersonator and was soon full of sun, fun, past friends, new friends, champagne and some excellent dining…If you know me, you know I love a good swim, a good story and a good view. I got all  three this trip so I was pretty satisfied…

A couple “service” updates:

WEBCAM SHOWS: I have started offering them again. I use niteflirt, accept ecards and also take credit cards. Please email me at bellamartinla@gmail.com or skype me directly (isabellabbw). My minimum is 10 min/$40. Chat or text sessions to set up roleplay or scenario are available. 10 min/$25. If paying by ecard, ask me which ones I prefer (amazon, ulta, sephora). My pricing is the same for domination or non-domination.

SENSUAL RUBDOWNS: Sometimes you just want to relax, be pampered, focus on touch  or unwind. (not escorting or domination.). This is a great option if you are flying into LA or OC. Outcall may be booked same day, if I am available but I always suggest pre-booking. 200/50 min session 275/75 min session. Shower sessions available. My email for rubdowns is BBWTouch@gmail.com. I don’t usually accept texts, but feel free to text me that you emailed.

PHONE NUMBER: For your convenience, I do have a phone number listed again. Leave a message. If you use it, it is expected that you are ready to book/screen. Please do not call me outside of times listed (10am-8pm PST), ask me rates, or other info that is on my websites. Often because of some people are not following directions, I have had to limit my picking up. If you leave a message I will always get back to you. Please let me know what type of session interests you: escorting, domination, webcam or sensual rubdown, when, and the best way/time to contact you.

PHOTOS: new. fun. tan. yummy. Enjoy!

PREBOOKING: Always Suggested.

GIFTS/TRIBUTES/SPONSORSHIP: Always appreciated never expected. My current needs are as follows if you wish to contribute for something is particular let me know. I will always make extra time chat/photo/webcam/phone for a friend who wishes to enhance my life.

  1. Teeth: I have about $1000 worth of dental needed (crown + cleaning). This is a one time need. I did the first part of work earlier in the year.
  2. New car: My payment is $300/month. Inquire for pay off amount.
  3. Personal Trainer: $300/month. (I am not getting skinny…just healthier.)
  4. Photoshoot: $600 (toward bdsm shoot in September and next one in December)




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