Client 101: Booking is like Anal Sex (part 1)

New to seeing an escort, mistress, or getting a rubdown? Thinking about seeing me? Anxious? Confused? Excited? The purpose of this blog is notto lecture, but to advise newbies on how to book more easily to get a happy experience.

Suggested Reading Link: The Client’s Handbook is a new kindle book for gents by a retired escort. The kindle book app can be placed on any smart phone/tablet and easily deleted for discretion!

Booking/Seeing an escort is very much like ANAL sex: many are curious, they’ve seen it online or representations of it of it on TV. They have heard it can be amazing but they don’t necessary know how to go about it in the right way…the steps, trust and prep…AND if you do it the wrong way it can messy, painful, and a bad experience for both parties.

I know you’re hot and heavy, in the moment, you don’t want to think about BOOKING but once you get the steps down, the attitude needed…it will be easy and pleasurable for you to connect the way you want.

Booking an escort, like having ANAL SEX, requires both preparation and FINESSE. 

#1 complaint of clients: She didn’t look like her photos, she baited and switched me, she ripped me off, she was flakey/wasted my time.

Solution: RESEARCH. Never have I had a client say, I was ripped by an escort who had an well established online presence ( ie website, twitter, instagram). Well established means you have found her on multiple review or advertising sites over an extended period of time. There is a reason people say “too good to be true” and if she has super vixen photos, asking you no questions, having only a phone number and offering to spend time with you for $80, well you got what you asked for

You take the time before purchasing a car, any random amazon tech device, why would you not check out an escort with whom you are investing your time/money?

Clients in VEGAS are notoriously ripped off because they refuse to preplan. They get into town and just search…not research…and they get burned. Myself and other reputable escorts don’t want that for you…and it gives us a bad reputation.

#2 client complaint: None of the escorts I wanted to see were available but I don’t want to prebook. I don’t know my schedule.

Solution: If you send a text saying R U AVAILABLE NOW? to an escort you have never seen before, the chances of them being available are slim (unless touring.. but even many are prebooked). My same day appointments are generally booked early in the day for evening, not 30 minutes before. Your escort is delicious but she is not a pizza. I have to screen, get beautiful for you, drive out often..

You are a grown up. You know your budget and your playtime schedule. I’m much more flexible with established clients but the reality is, you have a life and so do I. First time clients are generally pre-booked by most escorts.

Also, what beautiful educated girls do you know who are sitting available 24/7 for a phone call? The only ones I know with that type of open availability are deperate, pimped, or trafficked.

You are the client so you choose your experience…To get what you want, often requires a little planning.

(Part #2 coming soon)



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