Pillowtalk: Blogging in Bed with Bella & Insta-DAMN!…


Good Morning,

Congratulations! You survived Valentines Day! Just remember if you celebrated with someone who took your card, candy or cock…Steak and BJ day is March 14th. Mark it in her calendar…or you could mark mine.. 

It’s a rainy day in LA, and if you don’t know, pretty much the world stands still if its raining here. People stay in, dont know what to do and act as if its a blizzard.  

I’m here naked in my big plush sexy purple Queen bed, smoking a little legal vape, taking calls on Niteflirt link) and thinking about you…

Well…more specifically thinking about vistors to my site. There has been more traffic lately, so I have a couple tips:

1. Check out my new video (link) on how to navigate my site.

2. I know you have a smart phone…but are you following me on Instgram? Since I know you enjoy visual bbw eyecandy, I post more candid photos there that may not be here…it may be a smile or me trying on lingerie…its a fun way for me to connect with you. Insta-damn!!!…. 

3. This blog: I’m going to try to blog weekly or at least bi-monthly again.  

I’m also open to answering questions here for you to get to know me more. Feel free to email me directly, just put into the header ASKBELLA BLOG (link) 

Don’t be a Stranger and always rememeber to add (in bed) when reading a fortune cookie, 

 Isabella (in bed)




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