Client 101: Pricing, Rates and Budget

My standard Joke has always been….Hey Mister, You are lucky I don’t charge by the pound!

So let’s take a minute to discuss prices in escorting. The controversies and the truths.

I am a big bbw. Some people find it offensive that I charge 350/hour.

Who do you think you are!? Yada Yada Yada.

Oh, If I only had a dollar….my school loans would be non-existant and my new car would be paid off.

Well, I am IsabellaBBW. Well-Reviewed, Educated, Sensual, and Fun SSBBW. I love what I do. For the gentleman that enjoys the female I am, I am a well deserved treat.

For every client I see for one hour: 350/hour

  • I screen/ spend 20-30minutes speaking to them on the phone
  • I spend a minimum of 1 hour getting ready/grooming (lingerie, clothing, make up, lotions, oils, other goodies)
  • Drive 1 hour to appointment. incall or outcall (extra or minimum for longer drives)
  • The actual appointment
  • Drive 30 min-1 hour home.
  • And all the associated risks.
  • None of the risks for you: I have an online reputation for looking like my photos, well-reviewed,non-rip off

This means 1 hour appt equals typically is 4+ hours of my time.

Well that is still too much.

There are plenty of other girls in the market. Find one.

I have created a tier system of body rubs, bdsm, and escorting for hour or multi-hour. I only have promotions for pre-booking. My priority is keeping my clients happy..not offering a deal.

In my experience, when someone is choosing a provider primarily based on her rates, those people aren’t really choosing her. They are choosing her price. I prefer clients who choose to spend time with all that I offer.

Fat Girls Should Cost Less

Years ago my rate was different…as you know inflation exists. In escorting, you have to know what level of service you offer to meet your clients desires. Some clients desire 15 min appointments. That isn’t the type of experience I offer.

I am aware of most BBW providers in my area as well as those in United States and internationally. Different price points and experiences. Some are reputable, some are not. Just research.








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