Client 101: The Best Ride, Screening or Bust

So earlier this week, a Niteflirt client was sharing that he found out from a Google search of his own name that his brother was recently busted in a recent Craigslist sting in the Pacific Northwest. It was unfortunate on all levels. He even mentioned his brother was a good looking guy that got women so he was surprised…but he still lost his job and now has legal issues.

I know, something you don’t want to hear. The good news? Its 99.9% avoidable.

Everyone has their reason for reaching out for company. It’s not the why you do it that is important, its the how to do it and how you protect yourself that is most important. Whether you see me, or someone else, there are things you should think about.

Mistake #1: I want to be Anonymous. If I don’t answer any questions I am safer. I don’t want someone in my business.

Ok, you’ve decided to see someone. Their online ad looks so good. Price is right. It’s a spontaneous call for same day. They are available and tell you to come on over. They don’t ask you any personal questions.

Robs, Bait and Switch & Law Enforcement doesn’t ask questions. They want to make it easy for you to show up. Its easier to get what they want. Once they bust you for arriving (especially if  you discussed rates, sex acts or the advertisement is lewd), you will be giving your information then during your own booking. That is actually a better scenario that you being robbed.

Did you know that sometimes cops will bust someone at a hotel/apartment, take their phone and a have an officer answer and make appointments for clients to show up? Its bait. So someone NOT asking you any screening is a huge risk…If they don’t care who they see, how can you know you are walking into a safe situation? The easier it is for you to see someone, the riskier it is (unless you know her already).

50% of the clients I don’t see is because they are sexually explicit, 50% because they don’t want to screen. I lose a lot of money but safety is first.

A reputable escort, local or visiting, should have an established online presence, screening process. This mean they often actually loses clientele to maintain a level of their own safety, and thus yours. Most are professional and take their reputation seriously. They offer you discretion but they can’t see you anonymous. There is a reason they often make as much an hour as lawyers…. They know how to keep a secret. They have invested money in their own domain website, twitter, instagram, snapchat, and can be found on most multiple advertising sites, some that are paid. Many of us have even signed NDA for high profile clients.

If you can’t find any info on a person, they are likely someone who should pass on seeing for a multitude of reasons. This goes for clients and escorts.

Mistake #2: I don’t want to plan..I don’t have time to research…I just had the urge.

C’mon, we both know you spend hours looking for that perfect porn clip….Reading 10 minutes of website reading makes you less likely to be a robbed or bait n’ switched.

You get what you pay for…You may stumble upon an exception but is it worth the risk. That visiting the area low rate escort may be trafficked or underage,opening you up to even more legal troubles.

Mistake #3: I want to know what I am getting. I want a sure thing.

In life there are no guarantees. Chemistry is a priceless thing but you can make an educated guess from photos, reviews, websites, emails and even speaking with. Any escort who promises you the world is suspect. One the other hand, the surest way to not see a reputable escort is to ask for sexual services because its ILLEGAL. Anyone who is offering such should be suspect. SEE at your OWN RISK.

I’m not trying to scare you off….but I wouldn’t recommend you buy a car from a dealer that is out to scam you or rip you off or sell you a dangerous product…I want you to get the best ride available.

Sexy but Safe,





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