Lingerie and My Sexy Big BBW Curves…

I have to confess that I  was a little disappointed when I started having sex…No, it wasn’t the actual sex..lol but that my partners wanted me so very NAKED.

Let me explain…

My father was a Penthouse magazine man, so I grew up sneaking into his bathroom to read the erotica of Forum and look at the magazines of the pretty women…Glossy vibrant lips, stockings, lace bras pushing up sexy nipples…I loved the look of sex and for me that was always lingerie…

In movies, it was a glimpse of stocking, a skirt pushed up, the peak of deep cleavage, a period piece corset. I remember borrowing my mother’s black lace bra in high school and having a girl in my gym class ooh and awe that I had some sort of “bad girl bra”. I loved it. My mom never got her bra back..

I am a lights on kinda female..secure in her skin… I enjoy the male gaze…I enjoy teasing so part of that fun is lingerie….I remember I had this red with black lace balconette that was very moulin rouge…I loved the way it cupped my breasts…I felt so sexy…Sadly I left it somewhere on some adventure…

Then I learned the power of panties….Those panties that just make my ass and belly look bigger..sheer…satin & shiny…or white cotton….making a powerful man whimper, on his knees..SO MUCH FUN.

Don’t even get me started on the rip of pantyhose…

My only sadness is the hassle of finding quality big girl lingerie…particularly stockings…because I love being naked but I also love the sexy armor that makes you weak. Every Inch.




Facesitting 101

From those of you who fantasize about it, to those who take the deep breath into my reality here is an article about Facesitting 101…It focuses on both the sensual enjoyment, as well as, the BDSM aspects.

Facesitting 101: A must if you want to dare



Happy New Year from Isabella

Hello Friends,

The weather in California has finally cleared from the massive rain we had…I know you’d likely laugh at what we’d consider “tough weather”. I still don’t own enough clothes for the cold weather (close your eyes and imagine that with a smile). I hope this finds you well and warm…perhaps with wanton thoughts when you peruse my new photos.

I ended my year with some traveling to Vegas, spa relaxing and fun with girlfriends. Oh and champagne of course! To know me is to know I love a nice glass of bubbles. Pop the bottle while I pop my big booty…Plans are to visit NYC  or Chicago sometime in May or June and I’m finally getting my passport ready as well…London will likely the first on my agenda unless its cold and I will head for somewhere warmer…Montego Bay? I’m a sucker for a beautiful beach and open to suggestions for next Fall.

You may have guessed I am a foodie. My newest cooking passion has been more plant based. I love ZOODLES! (zucchini noodles). Don’t Worry, I still love sweets and just found the best tiramisu ever and baked this weekend…Yum. If visiting north OC anytime soon, try the Packing House- It a fun foodie food court where you can grab a craft beer, walk to have some made in front of you Indian food and end with the best Mexican hot chocolate truffles.

On the foodie front, I have finally becomes a lady who enjoys a good steakhouse. I’ve always loved ribs but opted for seafood over steak. Maybe its the whiskey I’ve been turned on to the last year…or the palate changing as I age.  My new favorite foodie show is “I’ll have What Phil is Having” if you want your mind blown on some amazing experiences around the world. Though its the first in the series, but I watched it last, the Tokyo episode was great fun (Netflix).

I’ve also been watching quite a few documentary films lately (thanks Netflix)…So lately whenever I’ve been talking to people I keep catching myself saying “oh I just watched a documentary on that”. Sexy Nerd. Recent topics have been: Forensic Chemistry, various true crime, Yves Saint Laurent, hip-hop  clothing history, London Secret Service, and film casting.

Last year I had a lot of obligations, but now things have settled so things are pretty stress free. My schedule is more flexible…Hopefully we can enjoy some of life’s simply pleasures soon.

My best,




Fall Update and Happy Holidays

I hope this finds you well…and that if your celebrate, your holiday week is fun. All Turkey, no CHAOS. Then you can come back to me and RELAX. Let’s play soon…

You may notice that I have some new photos posted. More coming soon. I just arrived home yesterday from fun in San Francisco…Its been about 6 years since my last trip to the bay. The weather was unusually lovely, blue with sunshine, so I played tourist this time around when I wasn’t being a goddess. I even enjoyed Alcatraz on from afar. Did you know someone named the fog in SF, Karl? He has a silly instagram.

To know me is to know I love finding good food & drink (this time from Charlie Palmer’s Burritt to local cheap $12 dim sum on a park bench at George Washington Square). I even enjoyed some Union Square funk…and later hit my fave spa for some pampering before flying home…lots of local flavor once I did my tourist day…

I networked at The Armory Club {which is affliated with The Armory where they shoot for kink.com} with some fellow lovely SF bbw dominatrix ladies Sofia and Vyra…Then made a couple of people blush for fun…Part of SF charm is just connecting with people more easily then in LA, At the bar I met a local burlesque promoter (free tickets when they visit LA!) all the while enjoying the entertainment of Uberpool multiple times which puts you in cars with strangers (ahhh sf adventures)

Hopefully I will be back soon as I didn’t get to visit the Legion on Honor which is my fave place to enjoy Rodin sculpture….I did find out this trip that Southwest changed their flight policy which makes big girl travel easier…I am planning to be in New York and Chicago in 2016…

Till then… Enjoy my Bay Window Big Booty.




IsabellaBBW in Las Vegas November 11-14…and later in December

Hello Friends… 

Last minute trip, Your Big BBW Lady Luck will be in Vegas next week 11-14…Take me to Dinner or lets do a business break outside the norm…I believe I will still be visiting in mid-December  as that is a usual annual trip on my schedule.


Things I love to do or eat in Vegas (my recommendations for outside of your hotel room)

  • Spa Time or Tanning Time on the Wave Beach at Mandalay Bay
  • Hot & Juicy (named after me) Crawfish
  • Wicked Spoon Buffet at Cosmopolitan
  • Visiting the Deja Vu Adult Emporium
  • Seeing a free musical act in a lounge like Bond or
  • Dueling Piano Bars
  • Viewing  Bellagio Fountains (from anywhere! balconies, Paris restaurant, just on the street)
  • Pigging out on a beignets after having a salad at the Grand Lux Cafe  (Palazzo or Venetian)
  • See Arena,the 80’s Rock tribute band, on Fremont in Downtown Las Vegas (Thurs-Sat)
  • Drinking Champagne or Manhattans (anywhere-preferably a good view/people watching)
  • Chinese Foot Massage (but to be fair I like those is ANY city)

One of my Faves…

Its Fall, my schedule and commitments have freed up a bit… I am more available for in person or scheduled for webcam and phone sessions. Email me for payment options

I came across one of my fave cartoons by the artist Ruben Esq…I’ve been told this one totally looks like me.